Michael Jackson’s lovely daughter and almost 5M followed Twitter & Instagram phenomenon, Paris Jackson, took to her official Twitter account today and confessed a bold truth about her body.

As you may check out the post of Paris below, she implicated that she could not reduce cellulite on her thighs while sharing a funny meme with her message. However, it seems that Paris is okay with the situation that she can make fun of it.

Here is what Paris wrote:

“No one:

My thighs when I sit down:”

A user named Gregory supported Paris in a great way:

“I suggest, you’re too harsh on yourself!”

Another follower named Vanessa made another joke:

“No one:

My boobs in the morning after sleeping with a tank top:”

A Twitter personality called Ella showed off what she thinks:

“Lots of us is like that. It’s the back of your leg muscles. While sitting down on your back thighs we are squishing them out. That’s why I sit at the edge of the chair so my thighs don’t look so big.”

You can check out Paris’ tweet and other reactions below.