Michael Jackson’s daughter and also one of the most colorful personalities of the current era, Paris Jackson, has posted a video of herself singing on her Twitter account and showed how talented she is even with a sloppy guitar.

Paris Jackson is a musician just like her father but in comparison to him, she is more interested in Folk-Indie music. She is currently pursuing a career in acting and modeling but her passion for music, probably a genetic inheritance from her father, still seems to be there. Her first solo track ‘Let Down‘ which was released in the past week became a hit with which she proved her talent once again.

She already has a fanbase of her own, who appreciate her artistic skills. In the previous days, Paris Jackson shared a video on her Twitter account, of herself singing and playing acoustic guitar. She chose to sing ‘A Better Way’ by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell, and her cover was for sure very successful. Even with a short video like that, Paris Jackson managed to show and prove her musical talent.

In the caption of the video, she said that she knows the guitar is sloppy, but that she enjoyed singing ‘A Better Way’ regardless. However, all of the comments under her video were praising her for her musical talent.

While some commented on her improving her vocal capabilities by saying ‘I love that you get better and better after hitting those big vocals,’ others told her that they could not spot any sloppiness whatsoever.

Here is what Paris Jackson wrote in the caption of the video she posted on her Twitter account:

“I know the guitar is sloppy but I just figured this out and it made me very happy. A Better Way by Andy Hull & Robert McDowell.

You can check out Paris Jackson’s tweet and her last video clip named ‘Let Down’ below.