The legendary late star Michael Jackson’s lovely daughter and also talented-musician, Paris Jackson, has shared a recent photo on her own Instagram page to share one of the most lovely poses of her on social media.

After sharing her thoughts on the caption of the photo, Paris also made a short question & answer session and revealed that she has a moth tattoo on the back of her neck.

Here is the caption of the post:

“The moth. Navigator of the night through awareness and inner-knowing 🕯

Even when its efforts toward light prove dangerous and futile, the moth continues to drive forward, demonstrating its faith and determination.

It is vigilant in following the path toward the light, teaching us that we, too, should be. We must remain vigilant in all of our pursuits while keeping our intuition and judgment intact.”

An Instagram user named thecountryclairvoyant commented:

“I have a moth tattooed on my forearm. 😍✨”

Paris Jackson responded:

“I love that. I’ve got one on the back of my neck. such a powerful totem.♥️♥️”

You can see the photo of Paris right below.