Late pop icon Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, has shared a new tweet on her verified Twitter page and told her followers an interesting dream she had seen last night.

Paris Jackson took to social media to share her weird dream with the fans and tried to understand what her dream was trying to mean.

If you look at the tweet, Paris said that she had seen Macaulay Culkin in her dream. As you already know, he is known for his role as Kevin McCallister in the Christmas movies, ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Home Alone 2.’

Paris continued to tell her dream and said that he was wearing a har mar superstar pajama onesie while in her dream. Besides, she asked her fans if they had any ideas about this dream.

Here’s what Paris Jackson tweeted:

“So Macaulay Culkin was in my dream last night, and he was wearing a har mar superstar pajama onesie… Any idea what it means? Twitter do your thing.”

A Twitter user named sebasmjjj made a guess about her dream and commented:

“Many analysts say that dreaming about pajamas indicates that you should be a more familiar and homely person.”

Another fan named Blackladyni guessed and said:

“Maybe You and Mack are…”

Check out the Twitter post below.