The daughter of the King of Pop, Paris Jackson opened up about her emotions on her brand new solo ‘Let Down,’ the lead single from her upcoming debut album ‘Wilted,’ and apparently, Jackson experiences many emotions at the same time.

As you might remember, Paris Jackson released her very first solo single named ‘Let Down’ nearly two weeks ago which Jackson wrote herself, and the lyrics are about a broken heart due to a breakup.

‘Let Down’ was an official solo debut for Paris Jackson in the music industry and the lead single was from ‘Wilted,’ Jackson’s first-ever solo album.

Paris Jackson shared her emotions about the release of her both lead single ‘Let Down’ and debut album ‘Wilted’ during the press release. Jackson opened up about her feelings and stated that she feels so many emotions at the same time, such as excitement, gratitude, and happiness.

Here is what Jackson said:

“I feel so many emotions. I’m excited, I’m nervous, mostly grateful and happy.”

Paris also expressed gratitude for Republic Records’ hands-off approach and appreciated the room for creativity in every way that her record label provided for her. She referred to her freedom as a gift and blessing since so many artists record just to sell rather than create art.

Here is what Jackson said for Republic Records:

The freedom to create, not being told what to sing and how to sing it, what to write; it’s awesome. It’s a gift, it’s a blessing.”

You can see the ‘Let Down’ below and check out the source of the statement here.