Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account which seemed like a regular one at first but on a second glance, fans detected an important detail related to The Beatles’ John Lennon.

As you may know, just like her father, Paris Jackson is also interested in music. In the past years, she had mainly focused on her acting and modeling career but this year Paris took a major step in her music career.

As you may recall, her first solo track ‘Let Down‘ was released on October 29 and became a hit in just a few days. It seems like Paris’ bold step into the music industry has encouraged her to do and learn more about music and important musicians.

Paris’ recent photo revealed the ways in which she expands her horizons considering her music career. She recently posted a photo of her ‘tea break’ which seemed ordinary at first. However, fans spotted a book in the photo which Paris seems to be reading.

The book is ‘The Cynical Idealist: A Spiritual Biography of John Lennon‘ written by Gary Tillery. It is a biography of John Lennon which analyzes his life in relation to Lennon’s ideals and social roles as a successful musician, peace advocate, social and political activist, and househusband.

There is no doubt that John Lennon showed the power of music and how one can improve the world through what they create. Seeing that Paris is interested in the philosophy and lessons that John Lennon passed along to the world through his music excited Paris’ fans who encouraged her wish to improve herself.

In the caption of the photo, Paris said that she crawled out of her nocturnal cave to enjoy a little bit of sunshine. It seems like the book she is reading also gave her a purpose to get some sunshine and enjoy the small but important things in life.

Here’s what Paris said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“Crawled out of my nocturnal cave for just a little dose of sunshine.”

You can check out the photo that Paris posted on her Instagram account below.