Michael Jackson’s lovely daughter Paris Jackson posted a tweet revealing her bizarre hobby and paid respect to one of her favorite bands, Coldplay.

The late pop music icon Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris has been following her dad’s path and working on her projects as both a successful musician and an activist.

As you may recall, a few days ago, Paris gave the exciting news of her first single titled ‘Let Down‘ released on October 30, 2020. Prior to her solo project, Paris also released an album with her band ‘Soundflowers‘ which she formed with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Glenn.

Recently on Twitter, Paris Jackson posted a tweet about her rarely-known guilty pleasure. Apparently, Paris enjoyed sitting alone in her car at a gas station in the middle of the night and listen to her favorite Coldplay songs.

Here’s what Paris Jackson stated in her latest tweet:

“Do y’all ever just sit alone in your car at a gas station at 2 am blasting Coldplay or nah?”

Furthermore, the talented young musician also asked her followers whether they had such a hobby as well. In the comment section of her tweet, a fan criticized Paris for praising Coldplay. However, she responded to the comment by revealing she was actually enjoying Coldplay’s music because they were quite successful to have a similar sound with Radiohead, which Paris referred to as her favorite band a few times before.

Here’s what Paris Jackson stated about Radiohead:

“Anything that sounds remotely like Radiohead is my shit lol and Coldplay does that very well.”

You can see the tweet Paris Jackson posted on her Twitter account below.