The lovely daughter of Michael Jackson and also talented folk musician, Paris Jackson, shared a couple of new stuff on her Instagram Stories today and showed off the moments she had with her lovely family.

Paris also did not forget to send a video from her car while singing, Cake’s famous song named ‘Long Time’ and mesmerized everyone with her pure beauty.

Here is the message was written on the video:

“Going to visit my family like…”

You can watch the latest video of Paris and the video of ‘Long Time’ right below.

Last month, a 3.5 million followed Instagram phenomenon Paris Jackson sent yet another photo on her official Instagram page and took fans’ attention to people’s laxness about our ecosystem.

Paris just used a smiling emoji on the description section of the post, despite writing a long caption, and one of the users who went to the comment section was the legendary model, actress Naomi Campbell.

Click here to read the details. If you want to listen the original song, check it out below.