Photo Credit: Paris Jackson - Twitter

On Twitter, Michael Jackson‘s musician and activist daughter Paris shared her photos during the protests where she confronted the police forces on the field: ‘Don’t tell me to sit this one out.

Michael Jackson’s only daughter Paris Jackson also became a musician and an activist. She has been using her social media accounts actively to express herself and show her reaction to any kind of injustice.

Paris has been physically participating in the recent demonstrations to defend the rights of people of color and stop police violence since day one. She has been posting her pictures from her social media accounts and inviting her followers for more peaceful protests.

Recently on Twitter, Paris posted her pictures taken during the protests where she becomes face to face with police forces. On the caption of her tweet, she showed her reaction against the people who had been telling her to ‘sit this one out’:

“Don’t tell me to sit this one out. especially if you’re in the comfort of your homes behind a screen. until you’re up there on the front lines with me, I will not respect your opinion.

Paris also continued to react against who accused her of supporting violence on the comment section of her tweet:

“I personally will not partake in violence, nor do I condone it. but at least I’m fucking here. some of y’all talking shit as if you were actually there with us today when the fuzz was shooting at us.

You do you, I’ll do me. peace is my way, it doesn’t have to be yours. but think about the type of person you come off as when you attack someone who’s advocating for peace.”

You can see the recent tweet Paris Jackson shared on Twitter below.