Paris Jackson, who is the singer of The Sound Flowers and daughter of Michael Jackson, has posted two rare photos of her and compared them in a really funny way on Twitter.

You’ll see on the Paris’ recent Twitter post, she is declaring a deep longing for her really old emo appearance. Today, she has lots of tattoos with having a normal hairstyle and makeup, but about 5 years ago, she was wearing full black makeup and using black hair.

Here’s what she wrote on the photos:

“Me on the outside vs Me on the inside”

Check out the Twitter post below. We compiled some of the fan reactions and you can find them below too.

A fan named Vanessa commented:

“With all the stress and hurt, I’m starting to look like the inside as well”

Another fan named Lari said:

“The way I was SHOCKED when I found out this wasn’t a wig”

A Twitter user Bri said:

“You are beautiful from the inside out🙏🏾”

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