Paris Jackson, the daughter of the iconic musician Michael Jackson, shared a post on her official Instagram page and once again showed her spiritual side and advised people to enrich themselves but not in a financial way.

Paris Jackson is known for her spiritual personality and she often shows this side of hers through her social media accounts, especially Instagram. Jackson has 3,6 million followers on her official Instagram page and her fans are there to see her life as well as be inspired by her spiritual posts.

Jackson‘s Instagram page is full of mind awakening, inspiring, and self-loving quotations and pictures which basically makes her page a place filled with peace and joy that makes her fans fall in love with her.

Paris Jackson recently shared another post on her official Instagram page about richness, while it looks material at first glance when you swipe her post it actually is about being rich with things that matter for inner peace like positivity, health, adventure, and laughter.

Here is what she said in her post:

“This month I hope you get rich. Rich in positivity. Rich in health. Rich in knowledge. Rich in adventure. Rich in laughter. Rich in new skills. Rich in family. Rich in love.”

 You can see the Instagram post below.

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