Daughter of late pop star Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson (20) has revealed her new tattoo in honor of Led Zeppelin members.

As you can see the photo below, Paris got the bands symbols, including Jimmy Page’s “Zoso” symbol, Robert Plant’s feather symbol, John Paul Jones’ symbol, and John Bonham’s trinity symbol inked down the back of her right arm.

She shared the photo with this caption:

“Was planning for a few months on just getting zoso but then i said fuck it and”

Here’s the tweet:

A Twitter user said, ‘What does zoso mean if you don’t mind me asking’, Paris responded “Jimmy Page”.

Another fan said:

“Welcome back Paris! I love your Led Zeppelin tattoos. One of my favorite artists since I was 14. I had a ticket to see them in 1980 but then Bonham died and I was devastated. But my real crush was Robert Plant when I was 16. Here’s a pic he took back in 1972 of Jimmy, cute right?”