The iconic musician Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson has posted a really hot runway video from Paris Fashion Week on Twitter, but some reason she faced a serious claim over the comment section of that post.

A twitter fan named Dale has responded to Paris’ recent tweet and claimed that she has ‘stoner eyes’ in the video that she shared from the Paris Fashion Week.

As you can see below, Paris denied the claim and responded to the tweet of the fan in a really funny way. Check the conversation below.

Here is what Dale Robbins wrote:

“Love your stoner eyes…”

Paris Jackson was confused and stated that she actually doesn’t mix the business and pleasure:

“I was actually stone cold sober for this lol I don’t mix business and pleasure but thank you 😂”

Dale Robbins replied:

“No, I know you were sober. Your eyes always look that way, I love your eyes…”

You can read the tweets below.