Paris Jackson, the daughter of the legendary musician Michael Jackson, shared a post on her official Twitter page responding to a rumor about her being a contestant at a tv show titled ‘The Masked Singer’ and stated that although it happens every season, it’s nothing but a rumor.

‘The Masked Singer’ is a reality singing competition tv series that features celebrities singing songs while wearing head-to-toe costumes and face masks concealing their identities. There are panelists who are given various clues about the celebrities’ identities in order to guess the contestants.

The official Twitter page of ‘The Masked Singer’ shared a post for the upcoming episode and revealed a new contestant wearing a green jellyfish costume. A fan assumed that the new mysterious singer is actually Paris Jackson herself and the official Twitter page of the tv show also shared a post afterward asking Jackson if she is the green jellyfish after all.

Here is what ‘The Masked Singer’ tweeted:

Is that you under that green glow, Paris Jackson?”

After numerous speculations, Paris Jackson took Twitter and shared a post on her official Twitter page stating that every season of ‘The Masked Singer’ there have been allegations about her being on the show yet Jackson revealed that she would not participate in such a show since she wants privacy when it comes to her music.

Here is what Jackson said:

“Why do you guys do this every season lol it’s not me, I’m v public about my music and singing.”

You can see the Twitter post down below.