Paris Jackson, the daughter of the pop icon Michael Jackson and indie-folk musician, has impersonated the people who think her debut solo album, ‘Wilted,’ is extremely depressing while implying that she’s a bit agreed with them.

As you might know, the talented singer and beautiful model, Paris Jackson, has released her solo studio work soon afterward her shocking breakup with Gabriel Glenn, who was the long-time boyfriend and bandmate of Paris.

Paris came up with ‘Wilted,’ by which she aimed her audience to feel acknowledged and hurt, on November 13, 2020. The album was co-written and produced by Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull, with additional instrumentation and engineering from his MO bandmate Robert McDowell.

In an interview with the Associated PressJackson said she hopes the album will help people feel a little less lonely while going through any kind of hardships, a breakup in Paris’ case. As weeks passed by the album’s release, the gorgeous musician has begun to receive some feedback about her latest work.

Stemming from the comments about her new music, Paris Jackson has shown up with a hilarious statement on Twitter. She conveyed a usual dialogue of hers with one of her audience about ‘Wilted.’

Paris indicated the fact that most of the people who listened to her songs said the songs were ‘fucking depressing.’ Jackson also mentioned her usual response to them, that is ‘Oh… Well yeah.’

Here’s what Paris Jackson said in her recent tweet:

“‘Hey I listened to your album.’
‘Aww really?’
‘Yeah, it was super fucking depressing dude.’
Oh… Well yeah.'”

You can check out the tweet and Paris Jackson’s latest music video from her brand new album below.