Legendary pop star Michael Jackson’s daughter and talented model, Paris Jackson, shared a sad story about her visit to a friend’s house on Twitter but accused by smoking weed and breaking the social distancing rules.

In the tweets, Paris was showing the sad story about the tomato plant that broke her heart. Furthermore, she stated that she would take care of it to bring back to good health.

However, some of the fans criticized this behavior of Paris and accused her of breaking the social distancing rules by visiting her friend. Also, one of them slammed her for smoking weed.

Paris responded to these accusations and explained herself clearly. She stated that she didn’t actually break the social distancing rules by saying that it contains a maximum of 4 people. Furthermore, Paris noted that there is nothing wrong with utilizing what grows on the planet.

Here is what Paris Jackson said:

“Tonight I was at a friend’s house. I stepped out for a cigarette and noticed he had completely uprooted his tomato plant and just left it there to die. I started to replant it and he came out and saw and said he pulled it out because it got ‘too tangled and too much to handle.’

This broke my heart. it didn’t do anything wrong. it grew the way it was supposed to. a living being that feels and has emotions just like us. and what? it was too much work for you so you just throw away its life as if it doesn’t mean anything?”

Paris Jackson continued:

“I get too much to handle sometimes, too. I can be complicated and a lot to deal with too. but I sure as hell don’t want people to give up on me. this kind of apathy and disregard for life is constant in society today.

This specific experience made me even more aware of how careful I need to be with the people I spend time with. I did my best to replant the tomato bush, but I’m not sure if he’ll make it.”

Paris added:

“There was severe damage to his roots and core stem, but I’m going to do my best to bring him back to good health. his name is Hercules.”

A fan user named Colfet asked:

“Sorry, you smoke weed, right? Isn’t that a plant too?”

Paris replied:

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with utilizing what grows on this planet. to eat the vegetables and fruits and have gratitude to mother nature for the gifts she gives us. but to dispose of a plant entirely because it’s ‘too much to deal with’ is apathetic and insensitive”

Another fan named Sky replied:

“While I appreciate the sentiment of the story, we’re supposed to be social distancing now and not going to different people’s houses. That is another way to keep everyone healthy, and then you could’ve spared yourself the distress over the tomato.”

Paris Jackson said:

“Maximum of 4 people, essential trips are allowed.”

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