Famous model and talented singer Paris Jackson, who is the daughter of iconic vocalist Michael Jackson, confused everybody’s mind with an interesting way to celebrate the birthday of her long-time friend, Michael Bradley.

First, Paris shared a picture of themselves in which Michael was carrying her on his shoulder and wrote in the caption that he is one of the favorites and best friends in the world.

Additionally, Paris shared another picture with him. But this time, she shared it on Instagram Stories and swore off to Michael. Even though it seemed weird for all of us, she showed how close friends they are in this way and shared her love for Michael.

Here is what Paris Jackson wrote in the post:

“Happy birthday to one of my all-time favorites, one of my best friends, a partner in crime, the broest of all bros, and one of the most real humans I know. you never fail to make me laugh, or feel better when I’m down, and no one pisses me off like you do. I love you.”

Here is what Paris Jackson captioned in the other picture:

“Happy birthday you fucking cunt. I love you.”

A fan named Jalone added this comment:

“Aww you guys are beautiful ❤️”

You can check out the posts below.

Photo Credit: Paris Jackson – Instagram