Legendary late musician Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson has shared a new video on her official Instagram Stories, revealing what type of gay she is with a camera filter.

One of the most popular social sharing apps in the world, Instagram, is releasing a new trend for users every day, such as ‘What Type Of Gay Are You?’ or ‘How Old Do I Look?’

Today, Paris Jackson became one of the users who joined that trend and reacted to a couple of Instagram filtres she used. As you might check out the video below, Paris has seen that she is a Disney type of gay, and she admitted Instagram’s guess by saying that is true at all.

You can watch the Instagram video below via Youtube.

A week ago, Paris Jackson has posted two stunning photos of herself to show her attractive tattooed body via her Instagram page.

Paris totally dominated Instagram with this photo and got lots of comments from the fans in the comment section. The post also reached 150k likes.

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