The lovely daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson and her beloved brother, Prince’s latest interview with Vogue exposed online and Paris’ statements about Metallica and Mötley Crüe revealed.

As you might read her statements, Loudwire transcribed the conversation of Prince and Paris and shared the private conversations of them.

According to the Loudwire, Paris sent a message to her brother and wrote this:

“You just started listening to Motley Crue, right?”

Prince’s sister responded and said that:

“I know you weren’t a huge fan when I was going through my insane phase, but now you’re really getting into all the rock ‘n’ roll bands that I love.

This is my second dress and I feel like a princess. I never actually went to prom. I skipped it to go see Metallica, so this feels nice.”

Check out the video of that conversation below.