Paris Jackson, who is the daughter of Michael Jackson, has posted a special video via her official Instagram page and revealed yet another ability of her.

Everybody knows her with just being a model and actress but today, we learned that she has more skills than we know already. In the recent Instagram story of her, she was drawing an amazing natural picture.

Also, she was listening to the song called ‘Weird Fishes Arpeggi’ belong to Radiohead while drawing it.

You can watch the video of Paris Jackson right below.

A few weeks ago, Paris Jackson had posted a couple of new videos on her Instagram Stories about the legend of The Beatles, Paul McCarthy.

As you will watch these two special videos, Paris found something that reminds her of The Beatles, wherever she looked. On the first video she shared, Paris looked to a banner which ‘Paul McCarthy: Head Space Drawings’ is written on it.

She penned this on the caption:

“I thought it said, Paul McCartney.”

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