The daughter of Pop icon Michael Jackson, also a musician Paris Jackson opened up about her music style during an interview with Reuters and while talking about the musical environment during her childhood, she stated that her style is different than her father.

As you may remember, Paris Jackson recently released her debut studio album named ‘Wilted’ and her debut solo single was ‘Let Down,’ inspired by her recent breakup which reflected the tone of her album, tragedy, despair, and cozy melancholy.

The album has 11 tracks and its sound is indie-pop and alternative folk rather than dance-pop, R&B, or rock. However, there is not any resemblance from his father, Michael Jackson’s music which surprised her fans.

During a recent interview, Paris Jackson opened up about her album and her direction when it comes to her music in addition to giving insights from her childhood and the music she listened to thankes to her father. She stated that her father played numerous genres varying from classical music to movie soundtracks which lead Paris to be versatile.

Apparently, despite the fact that Jackson was influenced by various genres, her style is alternative-folk with an indie vibe to it which is far different from her dad, Michael Jackson.

Here is what Paris said during the interview she joined:

“There was the soul and R&B and blues and jazz and the Motown stuff… My father also played a lot of classical music around the house, movie soundtracks, even the radio Top 40. But the vibe I’m kind of going for now, along with keeping the folk roots, is a little bit more alternative and I’m taking from bands from the early 2000s.”

You can click here to check out the source and can see Paris’ song ‘Let Down’ below.