Legendary musician Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson has shared a couple of photos that show her perfect beauty via her official Instagram account.

In the first picture, the red line that covers her eyes was revealing her astonishing blue eyes. Also, Paris showed off her pure beauty and shiny skin with simple makeup.

The fans should be so amazed by this post that Paris’ post reached over 90.000 likes less than five hours. She also tagged lots of her friends and ‘AGL Shoes’ on the photo.

Here is what Paris Jackson captioned:

“Thank you @teenvogue x @aglshoes ♥️ ~ @imgmodels @missjobaker @giannandreahair @chloebartoli @hamilton #giustisisters #saraveramarianna #teenvogueXagl”

Famous content creator Morgue added this comment:

“I love this ✨”

Paris Jackson replied:

“@morgueofficial i love your face :)”

A fan named Matthew wrote this:

“Beautiful Angel of Light and Love ✨💜✨”

You can check the post below.