Former Michael Jackson guitarist Jennifer Batten revealed the story of the time when she first met late Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen, and apparently, it happened thanks to the iconic Michael Jackson song ‘Beat It.’

As many of you might know, the song ‘Beat It’ is from Michael Jackson’s sixth studio album, ‘Thriller,’ which was released back in 1982 and instantly became one of the most successful, recognized, awarded, and celebrated songs in the history of popular music.

One of the best-selling-singles of all time, ‘Beat It’ is also an iconic song because of the guitar solo by the legendary guitarist, recently deceased Eddie Van Halen. He recorded his guitar solo free of charge and revealed that he did it as a favor.

During a recent interview, Jennifer Batten talked about the time when she first met Eddie Van Halen. Apparently, Van Halen wanted to see Batten while she’s playing the iconic ‘Beat It’ solo. Batten performed it for the creator of the solo and when Eddie grabbed the guitar back, he asked her to remind him how the solo went since he did not have the opportunity to play it with Van Halen.

Here is what Batten said:

“During the Bad tour, there was a point where we had a break for a couple of weeks and I was going to play a gig with a band. It was one of those nasty L.A. days where the traffic is awful and it’s hotter than hell. I showed up late, totally stressed out.

And the manager of the band greeted my car and said, ‘Eddie Van Halen’s next door… and he wants you to prove that you can play the ‘Beat It’ solo.’ That was just overload from how my day had gone. And my immediate reaction was no.”

Batten added:

“Eventually Eddie’s tech came over and asked if I would come and meet him. And I said, ‘I would love to.’ And as soon as I walked into the room, he put his guitar on me and wanted me to play the solo.

So, of course, I did. As soon as I finished, he grabbed the guitar and asked me to remind him how the solo went. Because it’s not something he had played with Van Halen – it was a one-off in the studio and then he went on his way. But I say he picked it up again mighty quickly!”

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