Paris and Prince Jackson took the stage at the 2022 Tony Awards and honored their father, Michael Jackson, by referring to his lesser-known interest in musicals.

In November 2019, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’s producer Graham King began working on a Michael Jackson biopic. Jackson’s estate granted King the rights to the pop icon’s music and worked with him for the biopic.

‘MJ: The Musical,’ a jukebox musical featuring the music of Michael Jackson, premiered on Broadway in 2022. Although Ephraim Sykes was considered to play Michael Jackson, Myles Frost got the role. Now, he is nominated for the 2022 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical.

Recently, Paris and Prince Jackson attended the 2022 Tony Awards to celebrate ‘MJ: The Musical’ and present the biopic’s cast. During his speech, Prince stated that Michael Jackson changed popular music, and he also loved watching musicals on film and stage.

Paris Jackson then celebrated ‘MJ’s nomination for Best Musical and presented the musical number, which showcases Jackson’s creative process and inspirations. She then introduced ‘MJ’s cast and Myles Frost, who portrays Michael Jackson in the biopic.

Prince Jackson said the following during his speech:

“A lot of people seem to think our dad Michael Jackson changed popular music forever. And who are we to disagree? But what people may not know is that he loved musicals, on film and on the stage.

That’s why we are so incredibly honored to introduce tonight’s first nominee for best musical, ‘MJ,’ which, using many of his iconic hits, looks at the complexities and brilliance of our father’s process.”

Paris Jackson then continued:

“This number showcases that creative process as he built a dance routine step by unforgettable step to one of his best-loved hits, drawing on some of the influences who helped inspire his signature style. So, it is with our great honor to now introduce Tony nominee Myles Frost and the remarkable cast of ‘MJ.'”

Below, you can watch Paris and Prince Jackson’s speech at the 2022 Tony Awards.