Michael Jackson’s niece, Titi Joe Jackson, recently posted a video with his daughter on his Instagram account and revealed how their family found out they got COVID-19 while warning his fans and followers to be careful with this super contagious virus.

TJ Jackson is Michael Jackson’s brother Tito’s son and is best known as the singer of the R&B and Pop music trio, 3T. After Michael Jackson’s passing, in 2012 TJ was granted the co-guardianship over Michaels children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket, alongside his grandmother Katherine Jackson. After Prince and Paris becoming adults, TJ became the sole-guardian of Blanket who was then 15-years-old.

TJ also has a family of his own, as he got married to Frances Casey in 2007 and the couple has four children; Royal, Dee Dee, Jo Jo, and Rio. He also has two stepchildren, Sage and Lexci. A couple of days ago, TJ had announced through his Instagram account, that his big family was unfortunately diagnosed with COVID-19.

Just some hours ago, he posted a small fragment from his recent vlog, in which he showed how his family found out that they have COVID-19. In the video, he can be seen in the car with his daughter Dee Dee, and TJ says that they have been both feeling under the weather for the past week and that they have decided to do a COVID-19 test just to be sure.

As it turns out, they did catch the virus and TJ seems to have wanted to use his social media account as a platform where he can warn his fans and followers about this dangerous and harmful virus. In the caption of his post, he advised his fans to go to a hospital and get tested if they have been feeling sick.

Here’s what Titi Joe said in the video:

“It’s me and Dee Dee. So, we both have been feeling a little ill the last week and we’re gonna go and see exactly what we have, at least start the process.”

Here’s what TJ said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“As many of you know me and my family tested positive for Covid a couple of weeks ago. We never had severe symptoms and now are doing really well. But I want to remind you to go get tested if you or anyone you know has been feeling ill. Remember you can have it and not even feel anything so even if someone you’ve been around is feeling sick it’s best to go get tested.

Take care of yourself, your family, and your community. This thing is super contagious and can be very dangerous and harmful for many out there so please do your part, get tested, and stay safe.🙏🏽

Full The family rules vlog is in the link in my bio.”

Click here to check out the video that TJ posted on his Instagram account.