The musician and activist daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson shared a lovely video on her Instagram stories showing how well she got along with little children.

She has been actively using her Instagram account with the main purpose of spreading love and peace to other people. Paris has been known for her sincere statements about loving all the people and caring for the environment.

Paris has recently posted a heartwarming video of herself reading a bedtime story for a little boy. The book she read was about the famous cartoon character Dora, and Paris mocked her own Dora-voice. The video also showed how well Paris could get along with small children.

In addition, Paris has posted a photo of her Iron Man t-shirt and wrote a message over it in which she was sharing the observation about her little brother.

Here’s what she said:

“The one and only perk of your little brother growing to be bigger than you… It is really cool free clothes.”

Check it out below to watch the video of Paris Jackson reading a bedtime story.

A few weeks ago, Paris posted a picture, and while she was tattooing a small pattern on her own foot.

You can see her picture showing her tattooing skills below and click here for the source.

Photo Credit: Paris Jackson – Instagram