Legendary pop icon Michael Jackson’s son, Prince Michael Jackson, has shared a new photo on his official Instagram account and talked a little bit about the coronavirus outbreak.

As we all know, people are trying to prevent the further spread of this disease by following the social isolation rule due to the coronavirus outbreak. They’re trying to spend their time with various activities or challenges during their stay at their homes.

While asking his followers’ help for the coronavirus aid campaign on his latest post, he also apologized to the fans for being silent during the whole world is suffering from that terrible epidemic.

Here is his sincere letter for the fans:

“Hey everyone. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy through this COVID-19 virus, but most importantly a positive mindset.

I haven’t been active on social media because I didn’t want to add to the panic and I’m sorry I don’t have more to say other than we can beat this but we need to as a community, a group, and as in individual.

We have noticed a shortage of food and supplies in our areas. So if there’s anyone that you know in the Los Angeles area that’s in need of a meal please share this to get the word out. Stay safe and healthy y’all✌🏼.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.