Michael Monroe, who rose to fame as the lead vocalist of Hanoi Rocks, shared a post on his Instagram to showcase the moving gift he received after Lemmy Kilmister‘s death.

After Motörhead’s musical journey began in 1975, it was accredited to have had a lot of influence on trash and speed metal. Lead vocalist Kilmister was instrumental in making the genre what it is today and paved the way for bands like Metallica and Machine Head.

Unfortunately, Lemmy Kilmister passed away just after his 70th birthday celebrations. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer, congestive heart failure, and cardiac arrhythmia. Although his doctor gave him two to six months to live, he only survived for two days after the diagnosis.

Later, the ashes of the Motörhead’s frontman were placed into bullets to be sent to close friends and loved ones. A receiver of one of the bullets was Judas Priest frontman, Rob Halford. In one of his interviews, he mentioned wearing the bullet as a necklace to keep him close to his heart.

Another receiver of Kilmister’s bullets was Michael Monroe. The singer posted on Instagram to present his fans with the most thoughtful gift from Lemmy Kilmister. The letter he received from Motörhead stated that Lemmy considers him family and that he will not only keep Lemmy’s memories alive with this incredible gift but will always carry him with him.

The IG caption of Michael Monroe is as follows:

“I just received an extremely special and touching gift-a bullet which has part of Lemmys’s ashes inside it. Lemmy is in the room whit us tonight!

You can see Michael Monroe’s Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Michael Monroe – Instagram
Photo Credit: Michael Monroe – Instagram