At the press conference held in ‘Hellfest’ 2022, Hanoi Rocks’ Michael Monroe talked about his experience with Alice Cooper on stage in Germany. He stated that he teared up after Cooper surprised him by celebrating his birthday on stage.

In one of his interviews, Michael Monroe talked about how much Cooper’s music inspired him during his childhood. He talked about the album ‘Love It To Death,’ which changed his perception of how a musician should be. He added that his name, style, and even eye makeup were great sources of inspiration.

Hanoi Rocks singer had the chance to perform with Alice Cooper on stage at several different venues recently. Monroe stated that he did not only open for Alice Cooper in Germany on his birthday, but also that his new album ‘I Live Too Fast To Die Young’ was going to be released, so he was pleased on his birthday already.

Monroe added that Alice Cooper suddenly started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ with the audience, which made him tear up with joy. He said that it was the best birthday.

Michael Monroe’s words on Alice Cooper’s birthday surprise:

“I celebrated my 60th birthday opening up for Alice Cooper in Germany, and it was an amazing show. Opening for Alice Cooper was already like the greatest way to spend a birthday, and this is my new album ‘I Live Too Fast To Die Young,’ which is appropriate right. ‘I Live Too Fast To Die Young’! I can’t die young anymore. I’m already 60. Alice said, ‘Michael, 60 is nothing.’ He’s 74 and still doing it better than ever. I’m feeling better than ever.

We opened up for Alice in Germany, and then Alice invited me up on stage to sing ‘School’s Out.’ He gave me a sword so I could pop those balloons, you know, with all the feathers and confetti coming out of them. I was like a kid in a candy store, and then he had one of his, you know Kylie, the guy who’s like with the Hunchback, he brought me a cake and Alice sang with the audience and sang Happy Birthday to me.

The best birthday ever. I was in heaven, and I was in tears. I got back to the hotel; and thought Alice did this for me. What a sweet and kind-hearted person. He is such a great guy that I couldn’t have had a better 60th birthday.”

You can watch the press conference below.