UFO and Scorpions guitarist Michael Schenker spoke in a recent interview with Loudersound and talked about the time when Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett asked him for advice.

In the conversation, Michael revealed that Kirk asked him how he comes up with creative ideas all the time, and his answer was simply by having fun. Moreover, Schenker explained the main factor contributing to his success.

As it turns out, Scorpions star stopped listening to music at the age of seventeen because he was interested in creating new sounds instead of consuming them. Even though Michael didn’t see himself competing with anyone as a musician, he has become one of the most successful guitarists in the world.

As for the reason, Michael believes that his playing style and creativeness brought him this far. While saying that his style is evident on so many other guitarists’ records, the UFO icon also mentioned he started creating different noises on the guitar when he was only nine years old.

Michael Schenker recalled his conversation with Kirk Hammett:

“Kirk Hammett once asked me ‘How did you come up with all those ideas?’ and I said ‘I don’t know, I just had fun!’ When I was 17, I stopped listening to music: my interest was to create not consume.

I never saw myself in competition with anyone. Yet I probably have more platinum albums than anyone, because my playing style is on so many other guitarists’ records!

I believe in a creator. I popped out on this planet, and one day I’ll have to go, with that day probably not being of my choosing, so I always had the idea that there must be something beyond.

I was nine years old when I saw my brother Rudolf’s guitar and discovered that I could make different sounds by putting my finger in different places. Is my talent God-given? Well, something compelled me to strum that guitar initially.”

Later in the conversation, Michael Schenker touched upon the fact that he can not actually give any advice to people because he believes that everyone needs to find their own path in life.