Former Scorpions guitarist Michael Schenker revealed an unheard story happened between him and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. He spoke in an interview with Alex Irons of Total Rock Radio and said:

“I wanted to break out of that and since I was 17 years old, I stopped listening to music and I stopped copying. My focus was on the fascination of the single string. It was like the art of lead guitar with pure self-expression. That’s why I stayed away from music and stayed away from copying people. There’s billions of people and each head has its own world, unique and individual.

Something goes on, I don’t know what goes on in yours, but in general, rather than recycling what’s been recycled out there, everybody’s already doing it, so why should I share something that comes from how I see how I would do it and bring something out that was a new color to the world. Unless I do that, nobody would ever experience it. If you keep doing that over and over and over, you create your own style. Your by-product. That’s what many guitarists find attractive about it because they couldn’t find it in the room of recycled. It was something fresh and something different. They probably wonder why, but I have an explanation. That’s what it is. Everybody can do it, but it’s about making that choice.”

He contiuned and mentioned Kirk Hammett:

But, the other thing, I never wanted to be famous, I was just having fun playing guitar. I became famous without asking for it. That is just the way it went. When I said to Kirk Hammett, ‘I unconsciously made my musical contribution to the world,’ he said ‘Get out of here!’ [Laughs] He didn’t think that was something anybody would do.

In general, everybody, that’s what I was saying: A person who is over here, never experienced fame and that’s what they dreamed about: What was it like being famous, successful musician or something like that, they have their own ideas what it might be. If you haven’t actually tasted it, you don’t really know. If you make a decision in a different direction, you will always think you may have missed out somewhere. But because I experienced it, I was able to make that decision.

I had enough of that. I don’t need more of that, but I think there is something here that is more satisfactory to me. That was doing acoustic electric instrumentals and giving my hardcore fans so much lead guitar playing that they got more than they probably ever asked for.”

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