Steel Panther lead singer Michael Starr shared a post on his official Instagram page correcting a mistake regarding their bass player. According to his statement, the vocalist was high when he officially announced Rikki Dazzle as their permanent bassist, and they are still searching for a new member.

As some of you might recall, Steel Panther announced that bassist Lexxi Foxx would be missing the upcoming tour in December 2018 to go to ‘sex rehab.’ The band later worked with numerous bassists for the next three years including Joe ‘Spyder’ Lester, the band’s tour manager, and Starr’s former bandmate from The Atomic Punks.

Although Lexxi returned to the band for the next tour, he still missed a great portion of the dates where he was filled in by a number of bass players. Eventually, it was announced that the long-time bassist had left the band on July 17, 2021. The decision was mutual according to the band, and they didn’t reveal the true reason behind his departure.

The band recently introduced new bassist Rikki Dazzle on tour as their new bassist, and in a now-deleted post, frontman Michael Starr captioned him as their permanent member. Since fans now think Steel Panther has an official new member, the singer wanted to correct his mistake.

Starr shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing a statement on his announcement. The vocalist made it clear that he made a mistake while referring to Dazzle as their permanent bassist since he was stoned, and the band is still auditioning new bass players at the moment.

In his IG post‘s caption, Starr penned:

“After getting 432 texts this morning regarding my last post about Rikki Dazzle being our permanent bass player, I went back and had my assistant read me the actual headline. I must have been super stoned, but to be clear: We are still in the audition process. Rikki killed it hard and he will be hard to beat, but when we finally decide who the permanent guy or girl is, we will make an official announcement. Until then, stay high and rock hard.”

You can see the Instagram post below.