Stryper frontman Michael Sweet recently announced that the band completed their work on the songs for their upcoming album via a post on his official Facebook page. In addition to this, the rocker gave further details about the new songs that will be released with the album.

On April 20, 2018, Stryper released its twelfth studio album named ‘God Damn Evil.‘ The record found itself a higher place on both US Independent Albums and US Top Rock Albums.

Following their success, the band announced another album named ‘Even the Devil Believes in July 2020. Their new record was released on September 4 and received generally positive reviews from critics.

Just as their fans thought the band may take a break from putting out many albums in a row, they are recently proved to be wrong by Michael Sweet. The frontman shared a post on his official Facebook page and gave thrilling news to their fans.

According to his post, the band finished working on their album except for the little details such as fine-tuning. Furthermore, Sweet stated that each song sounds killer which makes him really excited about the upcoming album.

In addition to this, the lead singer revealed that the album sounds a little heavier than usual along with having unique ballads that are guitar-driven. The rocker ended his announcement by saying that this new album may be their best one.

In his Facebook post, Sweet penned:

I’m happy to say that all the songs (music) for the new Stryper album are complete. I started work on everything 2 weeks after my eye surgery (once I could lift my head) so it’s taken a little longer than usual (3 weeks) and also due to the holidays.

Of course, we will fine-tune them once we get together for rehearsal. Usually, we rehearse at my house and then we head to Spirithouse to record. This time around we’ll be rehearsing at Spirithouse and we’ll be working through a few songs at a time and then tracking them once the band learns them. Very different yet most likely very effective.

What do the songs sound like? Killer! Lots of riffs, grooves, up-tempo and mid-tempo, and everything has a great feel to it. I’ve only sent music to the guys so they haven’t heard any melodies yet but the melodies are strong and powerful. It’s always a little strange talking about your own music but I can say that I’m really excited about the direction of this album! I know you will be too.”

He continued:

“We’ve tuned down to D so the tuning makes it all sound a little fatter and heavier. There are a few songs with the low E string dropped down another step (C) so those songs have a bit more meat and potatoes as well.

There are a few ballads but they’re not your typical ‘piano’ or ‘acoustic’ ballads. They’re heavy as well and definitely guitar-driven. Even though there have been obstacles along the way, this album really has shaped up to be an amazing piece of work. We’re a long way out but man, I can’t wait for all of you to hear this!! It may very well be our best yet!

It’s very much obvious that Michael Styper has high hopes for the upcoming album which sounds thrilling for their fans. Since he stated that this new record may be their best work so far, fans are now waiting for the day they can get their hands on the album to decide for themselves.