Stryper frontman Michael Sweet had a recent conversation with The Metal Voice and revealed his thoughts about covering Black Sabbath songs in the studio and on concerts.

He also revealed the facts about Black Sabbath songs, when he was dived into their songs, and said:

“I think our Christian base expects us to do Christian-based songs. The funny thing is, though, if you really dive into Black Sabbath and you get into their lyrics and the history of the lyrics, you realize that a lot of them are based on Christianity and based on a belief in God, in Christ.

I know that Geezer Butler wrote a lot of those lyrics – ‘After Forever’ is a song that we coveredand you read those lyrics… those are lyrics that Stryper could have written. Of course, Black Sabbath, the name kind of sets it up as evil but when you get into it, you realize that they weren’t necessarily speaking out for evil; no, they were just speaking out against evil in a lot of their lyrics.

In the song ‘War Pigs, people hear the line ‘Satan laughing spreads his wings’ and they think, ‘Oh my god, this is so evil.’ And you read the rest of the lyrics, you know, it’s not.”

Sweet also commented about Stryper’s setlist on the upcoming tour:

“The tricky part is: we have now, we’ve built up quite a catalog so it makes it tough to do everything that everyone wants to hear.

We got to do the classics, you know, songs like ‘To Hell With the Devil’ and ‘Always There for You,’ ‘Calling on You’ and ‘Soldiers Under Command’ – there are certain songs that are staples in the set.

We’re doing a lot of the classics and we’re doing some new songs, 10 or 11 Stryper songs and then 10 or 11 covers.”

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