Rollin Stones’ Mick Jagger went to a local pub in North Carolina before his show, and to his fans’ surprise, no one in the bar knew who he was.

The Rolling Stones are currently on their ‘No Filter Tour,’ traveling around America and meeting their fans. They are undoubtedly one of the most known bands globally, and Mick Jagger is considered one of the most influential frontmen of all time. Jagger is also one of the most distinctive singers with his hair, clothes, moves, and attitude.

These features make it almost impossible for him to go unnoticed in public. However, recently, Mick Jagger went to a very local bar before The Rolling Stones’ Charlotte, North Carolina show, and no one in the bar recognized him. He took a photo and posted it on Instagram and the people in the background look like extras in a movie.

Here is what Jagger stated in the caption:

“Out and about last night in Charlotte”

Journalist Joe Bruno talked with the co-owner of the bar, and here is what he tweeted:

“Co-owner of the Thirsty Beaver Brian Wilson tells me Mick Jagger went unnoticed last night. Turns out the people to the right of him in this photo have floor tickets to the show tonight, and they didn’t even realize it was him!”

Not only did the people not recognize him, but they also had floor tickets to see the show that night. His fans commented on Jagger’s Instagram post stating how hilarious the situation is. Aside from wondering why people didn’t recognize him, the fans wanted to know how much he paid for the beer and if he left a tip or not.

You can see Mick’s Instagram post and Joe Bruno’s tweet below.

Photo Credit: Mick Jagger – Instagram