The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger gave an interview to Howard Stern in which he commented on what would happen if Led Zeppelin’s drummer John Bonham played with Rolling Stones.

The Rolling Stones’ talented drummer Charlie Watts died at the age of 80 on August 24. He was diagnosed with throat cancer back in June 2004, and he got a series of treatments that caused his cancer to go into remission. Although he was healthy from then on, Watts underwent an unknown medical procedure, shortly after which passed away unexpectedly.

Before his passing, Watts contributed greatly to Rolling Stones’ success for over 50 years. In the interview by Howard Stern, Mick Jagger implied that Watts was the band’s heartbeat and held them together for so long. The frontman then said he was a reliable person but not a diva, and that’s the last thing one wants in a drummer.

Mick Jagger told Howard Stern that:

“Charlie was the heartbeat for the band, you know, and also a very steady personality. He was a very reliable person, wasn’t a diva – that’s the last thing you want in a drummer.”

According to Mick Jagger, Watts was a wonderful guy to play with since he was quite talented as both a jazz and a rock drummer. In the interview, Howard and Jagger imagined how different the band might have been with another drummer. Stern then asked Mick if he could imagine John Bonham as their drummer. Jagger told him that the band would sound louder as John was a complete lunatic, unlike Watts.

Howard Stern asked Mick Jagger that:

“You ever sit and look at a band like Led Zeppelin and think … ‘Gee, I wonder what it would’ve been like if John Bonham was the drummer?'”

Mick Jagger then responded:

“Louder. John was a complete lunatic like Keith Moon.”

There is no doubt that Charlie Watts was a key figure contributing to Rolling Stones’ musical success with his excellent drumming skills for over 50 years. Therefore, the band won’t be the same without his presence.