Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan Lee took her official Instagram account to mourn the death of her dog, Wicky, and received the emotional support of Seraina Mars and Courtney Sixx.

As you may know, two days ago, Brittany Furlan announced that their long-time friend and family member, Wicky, passed away after being together for 16 years which saddened the community while praying for Wicky’s soul.

Today, Brittany wanted to remember the beauty of Wicky and mourned his death by sharing several pictures of herself with her lovely dog, which were taken a month ago. Fortunately, she had lots of friends to support her in these tough days.

Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars’ wives, Courtney Sixx and Seraina Mars shared their condolences to Brittany. Courtney Sixx decided to send a bucket of flowers while Seraina was leaving a comment in Brittany’s latest post on Instagram. In this way, they reminded Brittany that she is not alone in these dark times and showed their support to their beloved friend.

Here is what Brittany Furlan Lee wrote in the caption of her post:

“One month ago…”

Seraina Mars added this comment:

Sending you much love!

You can see the photo Brittany Furlan Lee posted on Instagram and the flowers Courtney Sixx sent her below.