Mötley Crüe co-founder and bassist Nikki Sixx‘s bandmates Mick Mars and Vince Neil surprised fans by not celebrating Sixx’s 61st birthday on social media in contrast to Tommy Lee who shared a post dedicated to his longtime friend on Instagram.

As you may know, Nikki Sixx recently turned 61 on December 11, and fellow musicians have celebrated Sixx’s birthday through their official social media accounts. His bandmate, drummer Tommy Lee shared a throwback picture with Nikki on his official Instagram page and celebrated his friend’s birthday.

Here is what Tommy Lee stated in his birthday message to Sixx:

Happiest of b’days to this fucking guy!!!”

Moreover, Tommy Lee’s lovely wife Brittany Furlan Lee shared a picture of herself with Nikki Sixx and his wife Courtney on her official Instagram stories in order to celebrate Sixx’s birthday and expressed her love for him.

Here is how Brittany celebrated Nikki’s special day:

“Happy birthday to Nikki Sixx!!! We love ya!”

In addition to his friends, Nikki Sixx’s wife Courtney Sixx posted an adorable picture of herself with Sixx while they are skiing. In the caption of her post, Courtney opened up about her feelings towards her husband by stating that he is the best friend, husband, father in the world. Courtney also revealed that Nikki is the love of her life.

Here is what Courtney said in the caption of her Instagram post:

“Happy Birthday to the love of my life, best friend, the best husband, and best father in the world. I love you, Nikki.”

While many other artists and friends celebrated Nikki Sixx’s birthday, fans could not help themselves but noticing that Sixx’s bandmates the lead guitarist Mick Mars and lead vocalist Vince Neil did not share anything on their social media accounts to celebrate his birthday. While some think they did not think a social media post was necessary, some believed that his bandmates simply forgot Nikki’s birthday.

You can see the Instagram posts and story below.

Photo Credit: Brittany Furlan Lee – Instagram Stories