Mick Mars, the lead guitarist, and co-founder of Mötley Crüe has retweeted one of his haters’ tweets, in which the troll attacked him by asking who cares about his washed-up ass, and lots of Mars fans strongly reacted to the situation.

The legendary guitarist Mick Mars has been quite active on Twitter by reposting some of the updates about his famous friends and wishing happy birthday to the musicians and the public figures he admires.

Lately, Mars did something highly unusual for him on the social media platform and retweeted his hater’s tweet. Seeing that Mick Mars took the high road even about such a disrespectful message, his fans paid huge respects to him by commenting on this tweet.

Here is what was said in the tweet Mick Mars retweeted:

“Who cares about your washed-up ass?”

A fan of Mick Mars, whose name is Heather, answered to this tweet as:

“Wait, what? Many people do, that’s who.”

Another fan, whose name is Maxx, responded as:

“The fact that Mick retweeted LMFAO, anyways love you Mick, alien king.”

A follower of Mick, whose name is Eric, reacted by saying:

“And Mick still gave you some love with a RT.”

You can see the tweet Mick Mars retweeted below.