Mötley Crüe’s iconic guitarist Mick Mars broke his silence on social media by celebrating the 41st birthday of a Twitter user with a sweet message.

As you might know, Mick Mars has never been an active user of social media platforms. He shares posts or tweets only for important occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

Recently, a Twitter user named Barry Dogg posted a tweet asking his followers to join him for his 41st birthday celebrations by stating:

Happy Labor Day, #MAGA

Could this 41yr old birthday boy get a boost to 600 followers? #4MoreYears

As a response to the tweet, Mick Mars surprisingly broke his long going social media silence and shared a comment celebrating Mötley Crüe fan’s birthday. In his tweet, Mick wished Barry a ‘great and awesome’ new age and made the day for the 41-year-old fan. With his lovely gesture, Mick won the hearts of many Mötley Crüe fans on social media.

Here’s how Mick Mars celebrated the fan’s birthday:

“Happy Birthday Barrydog, hope you have a great and awesome 41st. Peace, Mick.”

Additionally, the political affiliation of Barry attracted the attention of some of the fans. As you have seen in his tweet, Barry Dogg was a devoted supporter of President Donald Trump and his popular slogan ‘Make America Great Again‘ (MAGA.)

However, it remained a mystery whether Mick Mars chose to respond to this fan in particular or not.

You can see the tweet posted by Mick Mars on Twitter below.