At the end of the 2016, Shawn “Clown” Craham and Jim Root announced that they had come together to write something new songs. Vocalist Corey Taylor is working with Stone Sour and does not participate in the work for Slipknot’s new album. 

In an interview by at the NAMM, guitarist Mick Thomson spoke on the new Slipknot album. He said:

“We just finished… We spent a long time… well, a couple of years touring, but then there was a whole year before that of writing and recording and all that shit.

So we have a little break right now. I think Corey‘s out doing his own stuff. Or if he isn’t, he’s about to be. So we’re gonna work on writing some shit, and we’ll be probably back out on the road after we do another record.

You can watch entire interview from below.