Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez spoke in an interview with Bass Guitar Magazine and revealed the differences between bassist and other musicians.

He said that ‘bass guitar community is great and Metallica’s Robert Trujillo is important’. Here’s the statement:

“I love anything bass, it’s an amazing instrument. Bass gets overlooked so much and it’s such an interesting, important, sexy part of any band. I’ve got some old Fender Jazz basses that I’ve collected over the years; I’ll be in a town without anything to play, so I’ll go to a shop and buy one and bring it home. My basses are tools; I don’t just buy them to sell later. They’re like memories for me.

I usually play four-strings. I have some fives, and we’ll drop them in there for some songs, but for the most part, we go to drop-D if I need to detune, as our default tuning is half-a-step down. The blueprint in Alice in Chains is pretty solid now.

Old Ampegs are my thing for that nice fat sound. I use a ’69 in the studio with a newer, hollow-body bubinga bass on a couple of songs. It’s the Star Bass 2 that Leland Sklar plays. He’s an old friend and we had a nice discussion about that bass; it’s such a good instrument.

Whenever I do autograph signings at the Warwick Bass Camp, I always try and sit next to Lee, because he’s who I want to be when I grow up. [Laughs] He drives around LA in a hotrod and writes pissed-off Facebook posts; he’s amazing. Him and Chuck Rainey tell these stories that leave me in awe.

The thing about bass players is that we’re friendly to each other, whereas singers hate each other, and guitarists will pretend that they like each other – but then talk shit about each other. [Laughs]

It’s a great community. I travel around the world and I try to represent that because I think that being like Lee or Chuck or Larry Graham or Robert Trujillo is important.

As we reported today, Alice In Chains has have announced the full dates of 2019 European tour. Click here to full list.

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