Brighton, England-based English rock band Royal Blood co-founder Mike Kerr was recently interviewed by Ultimate Guitar’s Justin Becker and talked about how he decided to get sober to record the band’s latest album ‘Typhoons’ as well as being vegan.

As you may follow Royal Blood’s career, the rock duo Royal Blood released their third studio album named ‘Typhoons’ last week through Warner Records and it features eleven new tracks, including three additional tracks for the Deluxe and Digital Deluxe Edition.

While the recording got mixed reviews after the band decided to blend hard rock sound with dance-rock, the first single of the album named ‘Trouble’s Coming’ was included as a soundtrack of EA Sports games NHL 21 and FIFA 21, and it got more and more popular worldwide. As Mike and the band still promote their recently released album, the singer and bassist of the band was recently interviewed by UG and explained why he got sober during the making of ‘Typhoons.’

Here is what he said:

“Well, I was able to remember ideas, which is always useful. I’m also up in the mornings, which gives me more time. It’s just been more productive, really, in every sense. Being clean from alcohol is wonderful existence.”

And here is what he said about what helped him while getting clean:

“Well, I’m actually a vegan so I had to avoid the cold turkey, but for me it was about, first of all, just taking it one day at a time. I think I did a month before I committed to the idea of doing it full-time.

“You know, I think that speaking about it with your friends and being open about it was a method that really worked for me and worked for a lot of other people.”

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