Former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy shared a post on his official Instagram account announcing that he tested positive for COVID-19. The drummer said it’s his first time getting the disease.

Mike Portnoy is best known as the former drummer and one of the co-founders of Dream Theater. He had a long tenure in the band for nearly 25 years and contributed to the band’s ten studio albums. However, he left the band in 2010 to have a break from the heavy schedule and explore new things. Following his departure, Portnoy has remained active with several other bands and side projects.

One of the side projects he formed is the band, Transatlantic, which released their fifth and latest album, ‘The Absolute Universe,’ on February 5, 2021. The band will hit the road in the upcoming days in support of the album. Their tour is scheduled to begin on April 15, 2022, in Glenside, Pennsylvania, and end on July 28, 2022, in Paris, France.

Just before the start of the tour, Mike Portnoy gave the bad news to the fans and announced on his Instagram account that he tested positive for COVID-19. The drummer revealed that it is the first time he has got the disease, and he hopes to be better in the following days. He also turned off the comments under his post to prevent any COVID-related or political reflections.

Mike Portnoy’s Instagram post read:

“Yep…ugh! This is my first time getting it… turns out when I was sick in February after the NMB tour, it was just a very bad sinus infection. Anyways, comments turned off to avoid any political, Vaxx, masks, etc. I don’t need any of that headache adding to this.”

You can check out the photo he posted below.

Photo Credit: Mike Portnoy – Instagram