Mike Portnoy, the former drummer, and co-founder of the Dream Theater, current drummer for the Neal Morse Band, shared a post about his and Melody Portnoy’s commentary series of the Beatles on his official Instagram page. Portnoy stated that he postponed an episode out of respect to recently passed away Eddie Van Halen.

The Beatles Anthology is a documentary television series about the career of the Beatles. Mike Portnoy and Melody Portnoy started sharing The Beatles Anthology on their Instagram Stories while they are watching and started a commentary series.

However, as you might remember, Wolfgang Van Halen recently announced that the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away due to his throat cancer. Eddie has been battling with cancer for a long time and the devastating news broke everyone’s heart. Since then everybody has been sending emotional farewell messages and paying tribute to the iconic Eddie Van Halen.

Mike Portnoy shared a post on his official Instagram page stating that he held off posting episode 6 of The Beatles Anthology out of respect to Eddie Van Halen. Since Van Halen’s death had a huge impact on the music industry, it became a national mourning day with fans’ emotional messages.

Here is what Portnoy said:

“For any of you out there that have been following mine & Melody Portnoy’s running commentary of The Beatles Anthology in my IG story, I held off posting Episode 6 out of respect to EVH

But the latest episode is now up in my story. (And Pts 2 thru 6 are now also archived at the top of my page.)

We hope to watch and finish episodes 7 & 8 possibly tomorrow night (Just in time for John Lennon‘s 80th Birthday tomorrow!) Tune in and join the fun with us…”

You can see the post below.