The multitalented musician Mike Portnoy posted on his Instagram account a picture likened to Abbey Road, which is the famous symbol of The Beatles, and hinted the possible future by making a witty comparison over the memorable song ‘Yesterday’ of the band.

The photo Mike Portnoy shared is a creative remake of the Abbey Road that is mentioned together with The Beatles due to their well known ‘Abbey Road’ album. The straight lines on the road, as they were on the cover of The Beatles’ album, turned into zig-zag shape on the photograph posted by Portnoy.

Continued to imply the picture over The Beatles, Mike Portnoy said on the caption of this post:


He hinted with his clever detection both the legendary song ‘Yesterday‘ of The Beatles, in which the band talks about missing the easiness of yesterday, and, relatedly, the probable crazy future that awaits humanity.

You can see Mike Portnoy’s Instagram post below.

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