Dream Theater’s former drummer Mike Portnoy spoke in an interview with DT World and said something about the position at Dream Theater. He said:

“In all those years in Dream Theater, I very much had a lot of creative control – John [Petrucci] and I produced the albums together and we wrote the music together.

After I left Dream Theater, every band I’ve done – Flying Colors, The Winery Dogs, Adrenaline Mob, Metal Allegiance, The Neal Morse Band – every one of these bands is kind of democratic, everybody has creative input, and that’s great ’cause you get a little bit of everybody in it.”

He continued:

“But it’s also very frustrating. Every single aspect, there’s like a hundred e-mails [going back and forth], and I’m in four or five different bands at a time, so every question for every band branches off to a million e-mails.

So that’s not fun; to me, that’s not so much fun. It’s a lot easier when you can make a decision and just move forward.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.

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