Mike Portnoy, who is the former drummer of Dream Theater and current member of Sons Of Apollo, shared his opinion about the best records in 1982 via his Instagram account.

Mike has been doing an ‘MP Years In Music’ session on social media that he talks about the best songs or albums for a year that he wants to talk, and he also releases a playlist for his followers to listen to.

This time, Mike wanted to reveal beauty about 1982 and revealed the best twenty albums that released in that year. However, he didn’t list the albums from best to worst just to make sure that every other album gets the same attention.

According to the caption of the post, there were such albums like KISS’ ‘Creatures Of The Night,’ Mötley Crüe’s ‘Too Fast For Love,’ Iron Maiden’s ‘The Number Of The Beast,’ Ozzy Osbourne’s “Speak Of The Devil,’ and many more albums from Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Van Halen.

Mike Portnoy wrote:

“MPYearInMusic continues into 1982. It’s pretty obvious at this point that music (or at least my personal taste) is being dominated by hard rock/metal by 1982.

While my 70’s lists were dominated by the classics like The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Stones, Queen, Elton John, Yes, Pink Floyd etc, those bands had either broken up or were past their prime by 1982 (or simply, my taste had evolved into heavier stuff) and by this point bands like Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Rush, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Ozzy, Scorpions & Accept were dominating my turntable.

MPYearInMusic 1982 Top 20 (In chronological release order):

* Asia (March 15th)
* Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast (March 22nd)
* Scorpions – Blackout (March)
* Van Halen – Diver Down (April 14th)
* Paul McCartney – Tug Of War (April 28th)
* Rainbow – Straight Between The Eyes (April)
* Genesis – Three Sides Live (June 1st)
* King Crimson – Beat (June 18th)
* Judas Priest – Screaming For Vengeance (July 17th)
* Motley Crue – Too Fast For Love (Aug 20th)
* Y&T – Black Tiger (Aug)
* Rush – Signals (Sept 9th)
* Twisted Sister – Under The Blade (Sept 18th)
* Talas – Sink Your Teeth Into That
* Accept – Restless And Wild (Oct 2nd)
* Kiss – Creatures Of The Night (Oct 13th)
* Missing Persons – Spring Session M (Oct)
* Night Ranger – Dawn Patrol (Nov)
* Ozzy Osbourne – Speak Of The Devil (Nov 27th)
* Black Sabbath – Live Evil (Dec)”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Mike Portnoy – Instagram