Ex-Dream Theater star and current drummer of Sons of Apollo, Mike Portnoy, had a serious argument with one of his fans who claim that everyone should be free to wear masks in public.

Today, Mike Portnoy has shared a recently taken video of a lady who overruns a local grocery market, after the manager told that she had to keep her mask on while shopping. As you might check out the video below, the lady got crazy after hearing that warning.

After sharing the video and criticizing the woman who committed a crime in public, Mike Portnoy fan named Walter Ballard Jr. chimed in and claim that he can not make him wear a mask because of his fear.

Here is what Mike Portnoy wrote first:

“What the hell is wrong with some people?? All because she’s supposed to wear a mask in a store to protect other people… How much more childish, irresponsible, and selfish can people be???

Are they throwing fits because they have to wear a seatbelt in the car too??? #growup”

Walter Ballard Jr responded with a controversial message:

Love ya Mike, but it still boils down to personal freedom of choice. You wanna wear a mask, then, by all means, wear a mask, but don’t make me wear one because of YOUR FEAR. Not denying the virus is out there. I’m not going to let FEAR dictate my life.

Mike did not remain silent to that message and responded once again:

“There are certain matters that ‘Freedom of Choice’ doesn’t apply!! Are you allowed to drive without a seatbelt??? Better yet, are you ‘allowed’ to drive drunk??? It’s a matter of public safety & being considerate so as to not harm or kill yourself or others! Stop being so selfish.

Check out all those tweets to decide which one is right: