Former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy spoke in an interview with Speak N’ Destroy and explained his thoughts about Metallica’s 2003 album “St. Anger”. He said:

“There’s no question, it’s an incredibly weird album. As much as I liked a lot of those elements of what they were going for [on that record], I also remember sitting… Dream Theater was making the ‘Train of Thought’ album at that time, and we had just [played] the whole ‘Master of Puppets’ [album live in concert] and put that out.

I remember sitting in my car outside the studio and I called John Petrucci into my car to play him some of the songs. And it was… I can’t remember… maybe the middle of ‘Invisible Kid’ or ‘Dirty Window,’ this weird middle section with just screaming and moaning [possibly the part of ‘Invisible Kid’ around 5:05 in the embedded player below; could also be the ‘ayeeeee, ayeeee’ stuff from ‘Dirty Window,’ around 4:40 in the second clip], and James’s [Hetfield] vocals are… What is going on? And the sound of the snare drum…

As much as I appreciated that album and it got me back because of the spirit and the intention and I really got that, there’s no question there’s some really hard-to-listen-to stuff on that album.

There were moments where I was, like, ‘Oh my God! What are they fucking thinking?’ But then there were other moments like, ‘Oh, man! This is fucking great!’ It was a really mixed album for me.”

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